Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekly WrapUp

We started off the same as most weeks this summer- BPZ. This is just a cozy little time with friends learning a little more about God's word, kid style...acting out stories and puppet shows and crafts. It's basically an abbreviated VBS.

We've been helping (or having fun) moving stuff around at Memaw's new house. Such a nice place and an open floor plan for us all to be able to visit and drink coffee and such ;) i don't know about you, but for me, there's no place like moms! No matter where she lives it would always be a comfort zone. A place of peace and refuge from anything life throws your way. She makes the home. The home doesn't make her. She's always ready to give up her time to sit, drink coffee, chat, and listen....and no matter what, we always bust a gut at some point. We just like to laugh and totally 'get' each other- like read minds, lol! I sure hope my girls always come back to me like that when they're grown. We have such a special bond!

Took the girls to the new minion wasn't my favorite. I just thought the previous ones were much more funny for the kids. This one was a little more harsh and I can't even remember one part that I totally cracked up at. But a few of the girls seemed to like it ok- I think they just all agreed with each other because I've seen them way more excited coming out of other movies. Like Escape From Planet Earth, one of their favorites.
Anyway, we were going to go to chick fil a after but it was that crazy "dress like a cow day" and it was packed.... So we went to the less desirable, yet still fun place to play, McDonald's.

We sort of needed to be out of the house this week to give pat some peace and quiet to study. He took his test on Friday.
We spent the week literally either at Memaw's doing odds and ends, or shopping...

We also had a cute little birthday party to attend at the American Girl Store. The girls had fun and added several things to their wish list. But I said it was like having 10 kids with me instead of 5! Those American Girl dolls are like little people, only babies you have to take great care of! We almost had a full on meltdown before we even got on the road for over an hour. We first had to make sure everyone had their doll, had her fully dressed and hair fixed. Then we couldn't find one of the dolls ballet shoes she was supposed to wear! Oh my word, we searched all over the place! Finally found it and left 30 min later than I planned!
When we got there, after parking further away than I'd like, we were trying to cross the street. Me and the "10" kids, one 6 year old who decides to wear those hard plastic Cinderella dress up shoes. Against my better judgement I let her. My fun mom voice spoke up in my head and won. Anyway, so we look both ways and a car stopped to let us go, or so I thought. But as we're crossing the street, she sped up! I shoed the children up with me and stared her down as she stopped abruptly, rolled down her window and said in a rather southern voice, "oh I'm sorry, I wan't gonna run over y'all!" Oh yeah ya coulda fooled me! Anyway after we walked on, all the girls could not stop laughin' about that lady and her craziness!
So we sat down and had a nice tea party. We had a few laughs about the star-shaped sandwiches which we're quite sure no kid would like. But we loved everything else!
After it was over we walked through the store and eventually I needed a Starbucks before we left to go home. The kind lady said it was just down the way. Well kind lady, when you have 5 tired kids, 1 in plastic dress up shoes with her toes scrunched up and aching with blisters, 5 American Girl dolls that need someone to hold them, and 1 beat definition of "just down the way" is not quite the same as yours. Anyway, we made it there! I got my coffee and the kids all got a drink... So now we had the task of walking all the way back down the way we came! Only this time, instead of only extra dolls to carry, I also had the hand of the girl in the Cinderella slippers, 2 or 3 dolls, my chai tea latte balancing a chocolate shake on top of it, and a big mama purse I should have cleaned out months ago!
We laughed all the way out from delirium.
We got to the sauna, I mean car, buckled up, took a deep breath and headed back into the rat race trying to get home. Overall it was a really fun day!

It was really a rather uneventful week overall, but busy nonetheless. Kylie's last pair of good glasses broke, so she's back in her old ones with the old rx, which means I had to go buy new ones- no fun, and the lady working obviously needed a day off- and I'll leave it at that :)

I found a few great deals this weekend:
Palais Royal has a deal you bring in any gently used clothing and get a $10 coupon. How about decluttering and donating several things. Then you have $10 to use there.

I found these 3 books at Target Dollar Spot! The girls have seen the "Little Women" series on the Smile of a Child Network so they have a little background for these Junior books. I'm reading these to them at night before bed, alternating with our Bible Reading Club.

A little game of Wahoo, with Pat before he started his studies again! His very own hand-carved, wood burned and painted wahoo board. He even made his own wood dice to coordinate the matching marbles. Ain't that boy somethin'!

Just some more Crazy Sand fun! Love that stuff!

And a little sidewalk chalk fun:

And this was on our menu this past week:

Sunday was sooo hot! After church and eating though, it started raining and I found these cuties playing outside:

Hope you all had a great week!
Don't forget to pray for our nation throughout your week- we need it y'all, as optimistic as I am:

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