Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kitchen Organization (Medicine Cabinet, Tupperware, Spices)

They're all in my kitchen so...they kinda go together ;).
I had a little helper for my Tupperware reorganization! I used to have it this way, changed it to this cabinet and then decided I liked it back in the drawers better. I love drawers and pullouts. You can see everything and reach it easily. So here's our mess where we matched up lids and similar containers.

Then here it is in another drawer all nice and tidy!

Much better huh!

Here's the top shelf of my lazy Susan corner cabinet, where I keep clear shoeboxes filled with strainers, colanders, ramekins, and measuring cups and spoons. That box with the measuring stuff gets pulled out many times a week by the kids. They use part of them for pretend when they're not using the playroom stuff. Real stuff is so much more fun!

I started labeling my spices a few years ago, with the dot labels, and I've loved this system. I like tinning better than them being in the shelf because they're easier to grab quickly. I keep 2 deep drawers of spices right next to my stove so they're easy to grab when I'm cooking. I keep them alphabetized - top drawer is A-M and bottom drawer is N-Z. This way I can find what I'm looking for quicker.
I usually buy the same brand of whatever spice it is I'm replacing so I just keep the same lid with the label already on it. If it's a different brand then I just make a new label.

And here's the cabinet we are into more than I'd like to be. And since we do have 3 kiddos and have to find meds, band aids, first aid stuff often, it's nice to know right where to go and which basket to pull out. The least used is the stomach remedy basket so I put it the highest. Then on the 2nd shelf I keep Adult Allergy and Kids Allergy baskets. And on the bottom I keep the Pain Relievers and First Aid baskets. It has been so nice to have all this cleaned out. All things expired get thrown away in a timely manner when everything isn't all jumbled up together.

Hey we're almost to the weekend y'all! Hopefully we won't need that medicine cabinet and I can keep those doors shut!

Happy Thursday! :)


  1. Looks so good Robyn! We must be on the same page sharing our medicine cabinets the same day! :) xo


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