Friday, September 6, 2013

Look Mommy, I Got Myself Ready to Go!!!

Came across this while organizing pictures into file folders for Shutterfly books.  This girl cracks me up!  I was chuckling as I remembered ... the day last year when we were just about to head out the door to an event at Kamri's school... and as I was getting baby Kylie ready to go... this is how Kaci came out- Ready to Go to Mossman!  Fingernail polish that is- yes- fingernail polish- all over her face!  So what do we do, miss meeting up with Kamri and try to clean this up??? oh no ma'am, we go just as we are!  She went to Kamri's school just like that!  Quite a conversation piece she was!  I don't think big sis was too happy about her showing up like that, but overall we were all just happy to be together- no sweat -fun day- happy times!  It's the little things...  Have a great day... and don't forget to laugh at things like that- this too shall pass! LOL!