Thursday, July 16, 2015

Never say never (playroom trauma)

"Yes, hello! We need help!"

I thought I had decluttered last year! Well guess what, it's time to declutter again! I have 2 girls who love to play and hate to clean up! It seriously takes them about 5 minutes or less to make this mess. I am trying to get them under control but it ain't happening! What usually happens is the oldest one who hasn't played with any of it, can't stand the mess, so she rips through there like a bandit and cleans up her sisters messes. Well while that's very kind of her, I don't think it's helping to teach the littles to clean up. They have got to have less to start with then it won't be so overwhelming!

I see their kitchen is open for business- I think I'll grab a bite and chew on it a while...

Hmmm... Memories, huh?! I think I better get rid of some more things so they can really enjoy a few treasures in here.
This doesn't happen overnight. Accumulating so many toys. I thought my kids would never have 'too many toys' like some spoiled brats! Be ware ;) Never say never. I've said never before. "I'll never drive a minivan"... Guess what? I love my minivan now!
"I'll never let this new clean house get cluttered up"... Ate my words there plenty!
"I'll never let my kids have___" be careful - they'll probably get it ;)
"Life will be so much better when I make our computer room into a playroom for the girls".... Hmmm, not so much. Well yes, it's nicer that the mess is in here but I'm not gonna lie and say these things don't walk right out of this room! No sirry!
I'll never get angry at my children's messes: well let's just say I may have said this a time or 2:


Anyway, just wanted to keep it real here. We all have our mess somewhere. Now, guess I better get to decluttering!
Hopefully I can share a newly refreshed playroom soon.
I'm not making promises though. I'll never say never and I'll never make a promise - I may not be able to keep.;)

This is one treasure I'm keeping!The girls and I have had so much fun with these! Mad Libs I found at Old Navy.... I mean the tooth fairy found at Old Navy, and delivered under the pillow ;).

And lest I grow weary of the children and their mess:

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