Wednesday, July 16, 2014


What I Wore Wednesday
This is just a fun little thing to do for a few reasons: 
1) a memory of some things I wore, 
2)something fun for the kids to laugh at in years to come about mom's styles... like we look back at ourselves in the 80's or 90's and laugh at our big hair, or our parents in the 50s/60s and get a kick out of their bobby socks, and bouffant hair)

3) it's fun linking up at The Pleated Poppy with other bloggers, 4)honestly, there are days I look in my closet and say "I have nothing to wear" even though there is a closet full of clothes staring at me.  Then "click" and a blog or a pin gives a combo and I realize I have it right there in my closet and baam- getting dressed is a cinch!  Or if it's not in my closet, hey, it's an idea of something to shop for next time and where to get it!  
So here we go :)

Earrings: Old Navy (in store only)

Be sure to join in the fun each week and link up for more fun ideas!


  1. Hmmm I see I need to fix my links- they do work but I'll have to work on replacing what you see there with one word.

  2. LOVE it! You look beautiful (as always)! :)

  3. Love your mom's pic! So glad to have crossed paths~

  4. Super cute outfit!!! Thanks for linking!!


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