Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday favorites!

Yeah! Friday Favorites:

Found this mirror at Target last year, passed it up. Regretted it. Went back and "she gone." Went to 3 different Targets and finally found her again! Love how she matches up with my bedding- my happy place!

And this little owl came home with me last summer. I love it! Pat doesn't hold back his opinions on me. When he first saw it he said it reminded him of Pepto Bismol, only a blue version (I say cotton candy blue:)...and that it looked like something a grandma would have sitting on the back of her toilet. So guess where I parked it??? You got it! Right on the back of our toilet. ;)
It has since made it's way all around to different spots in the house. It's current home is on my vanity, and it holds all the little samples of facial care and stuff you get when you buy other products. I like reaching in to try out new things once in a while.

- And while I'm on a bit of a turquoise-ish kick, don't you just love this chair and side table above?! Found this on here on Pinterest

And can I get a shout out for a Strawberry Banana Smoothie from McD's! It makes a hot summer day feel just right...and 3 tired (whiney) girls be a little quieter;)

My favorite little mannequins!

Favorite outfit find for Kylie this week! Love the frills, lace and butterflies...and that it doesn't itch!

My favorite place with a good book before bed!

And since I was packing up for a little weekend getaway, I thought I'd share my favorite bag. I love the black and white houndstooth with the leather red accents! Thanks mom!

And most importantly

My favorite scriptures in the Bible!

Happy Friday y'all! Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Hey...I like your bedding...mind if I copy? Haha! Seriously though that little mirror is perfect. I think you should move your blue owl back somewhere front and center, owls are always cool. Anthropologie sells an owl cookie jar far a crazy amount of money, so you are *in* girl!

    1.) I'd love to know where your mom found that bag so I can get one too--at least one similar, so cute AND 2.) Where are you going? I'm nosy that way. :) Have fun!!


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