Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly WrapUp

We started off with Bible Power Zone again!
Then on to outside fun. And back inside because it was way too hot. And back outside and back inside...a million times!

I'm reading "That Summer Place" while they're playing.

Watermelon carving fun! This was Kamri's first carving and it turned out so pretty! The little ones made melon balls! Fun and messy!

Kamri did my hair again- I just love this loop waterfall on me. Hair fun before our LONG day at the mall.

This is how we looked on the way- happy and excited to go get new things!
But it always ends up that we're dragging by the end! We have a growing girl who's also very picky. And who gets cloister phobic in dressing rooms and stores with tight aisles! And honestly her mama is no different when it comes to those dressing rooms! So we love our time of sitting down to eat and chill before shopping again. Here we are at the end of our day:


Well we didn't find all we needed on day 1 shopping so we had to go back again.
This time we headed straight to Old Navy. We hit the jackpot. I can always find things there, and the picky one did too! Win- win!

More boating fun!!
Kamri learned to waterski! We yelled and screamed with excitement!!! So much fun!
But being the mom of the year that I am, I forgot to bring the sunblock. Minor detail that may have been overlooked until we noticed lobster faces :/. Yikes! Later Kamri fell asleep out to eat at Tookies. Then right about bedtime she told me she felt bad and may throw up. I set a bucket beside her and it wasn't long and sure enough, she did. I think it definitely was a combination of heat exhaustion and riding the waves all day! The good thing is she made it all in the bucket and felt better after that!

A little BIG bubble fun at the casa!

Some friends invited us to their Lakehouse and it was nothing short of a blast! There were kids everywhere jumping off piers onto tubes, riding jetskis, riding tubes... Playing games, braiding hair, eating yummy food...
Pure summer fun till you drop!
Us ladies had some great conversations about raising kids and books and such. I love talking with other moms and swapping stories and learning from them.
I can't wait to get my hands on the book Karen was reading, The Hiding Place- Youth Edition, and sharing it with Kamri! I have always loved Corrie Tin Boon's story and now there's a version that explains it in terms that, say a 10 year old can relate to.

Summer delights happening here!

Hope you're having an awesome summer too!
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