Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

1. We did this craft at Bible Power Zone this week and the kids really liked it:

Top copy

Bottom copy stapled with only the heart for them to color in.

Lay the top copy that's not colored in back on top of the one you colored in- make sure the hearts line up- then paint oil on the top heart. The colors start to show thru and the kids love that aspect. Pretty cool! crazies decided teasing would be fun!

3. Remember how I save the girls clothes... See my post on that here.
Here's a dress they all 3 got to wear at 3 years old- loved that dress! Oldest to youngest:

Kamri (2007)

Kaci (2011)

Kylie (2014)

4. Three food related favorites:

If you haven't tried these, you're missing out! I use them as the name suggests, when I'm headed out the door "on the go"!

Another favorite anytime: banana with Almond Butter. Since I have had almond butter, I tell ya, I can't stand peanut butter anymore.

These Rubbermaid glass wear storage containers, I love. Great for leftover anything because you can just pop the lid off and reheat in the dish.

5. I just discovered you can have collaborators on your Pinterest boards. I was invited to pin for Coffee Recipes and then I created one for others to pin to: Simple Meals, because we all could use more Simple Meal ideas, right?
You can see those boards @robynmarrie on Pinterest.

7. goodreads! I knew about this a ing time ago, but just rediscovered it and love it! Sort of like a mini book club without discussions but you can rate them and then follow and see book recommendations from friends. I like that when I see one I want to read I can mark it to remember for later! Check it out!

6.Blogs you may have missed from the week:

Last weeks weekly WrapUp

I joined BlogLovin! I love it- it let's you read all your favorite blogs in one place! You just click the little black button that says 'bloglovin' to join! And it's free!!!'

There will always be somebody better than you! Read this post to find out more...

Playroom Trauma...

Happy Friday y'all!!!
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