Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekly WrapUp

Here's some fun from our week! Hope you're having a great summer too!

Skit fun at Bible Power Zone

Puppet show

Crafts, snacks, and crazy games at BPZ

Movies! Inside Out was really emotional, LOL! ;). Seriously it was a very good movie. Even for adults! The way they were able to weave in all those emotions and memories into how they make up who we are, was brilliant. Anyone could relate to at least one thing in the movie. It was totally believable too...like now I'm picturing these little emotions running around in my brain or my kids. I reminded my daughter that JOY would much rather be in charge up there, when she was about to get angry at something. Ha! I guess I shouldn't use it too much but I sure did get a laugh out of it ;). It's also a great depiction of how God made us and gave us every emotion to use. We need to be able to express our emotions in various situations. If you haven't seen it, you should!

A fun ride on the boat!
This was quite an adventure. Well the boat ride itself was relaxing and uneventful, but here's the deal... When we got in the boat a lady warned us to watch the kids around the pier because they had seen a 12 foot alligator there that morning!!! What?!?! So we were watching our step for sure!

Then after we got on the boat Pat tells me the boat trailer busted. The rails rusted off completely so there was no way to pull the boat back in. Soooo, we had to call up some friends that live on the water. Scott and Kristy let us pull the boat up to their place for a while. The kids road there with pat while I drive the car there to pick them up. Well. You know what happens when you get 5 kids together at almost bed time! They start playing and pulling out all the toys. I kept saying we needed to go because we pretty much barged in on them, but somehow we just couldn't get out the door.
In a little while we heard Jack say Kylie had tee-tee'd in her pants. There she was in the bathroom with a humongous puddle below her feet! All over the floor! On part of the rug. Running behind the toilet! Ugh! Something else crazy to add to our night! So I cleaned it up as much as I could and she wore a big old blue pull-up home! Lol! First we borrow their pier, then we play with all their toys, keeping them up past bedtime, then tee-tee all over their bathroom....
Then head for the door! Lol! They were so kind! :)

To end off a fun adventurous night on the boat, we rented Daddy Daycare! They fell asleep pretty quickly, but I stayed up and finished it. I had never seen it and it cracked me up! I was laughing out loud!

I peeked around the corner the next day and saw this!
Little sisters getting a lesson in braiding hair, by Kamri. An absolute favorite of my whole week!
McKenna was such a good sport letting them fool with her hair all afternoon!

Kaci's first braid!

And check out my Loop Waterfall! Kamri just looked online and and baam! There I was 5 minutes later with a very pretty hairstyle! I wish I could say I taught her all she knows about hair, but I can't do even close to what she can. She's been doing her own hair for a long time!

Among all this weeks fun with the kids, I managed to get back on the workout wagon...again, yes.
Yay! It feels so good. I'm doing The BrazĂ­l Butt Lift and let me tell ya, it's a great workout! I like that it's got cardio, toning, and all. You even get to dance a little...one of my favorite things to do!

So... back to the boat saga. We had to get the boat out of the water, so my handyman got to work! 2 full days of sawing things off and replacing everything! Even cutting his boards at angles and covering them with indoor/outdoor carpet for the boat to slide upon. Pretty impressive huh?! Yeah, I'd say he is quite the handyman, considering he and my dad built our first house, which is actually our garage now. Sharing that story soon. Anywho- very crafty, that boy!

And here we are happily on the water again! Yeah!

A few good drivers!

We had some ski lessons and water ride fun! It was the best time we've had as a family so far this summer! Pat and I got a kick out if the girls squealing an screaming on the water being pulled in the float rides! Mama may have been squealing and screaming like a big kid too! We sang and chanted and had big fun! I was taken back to my childhood- that's how I grew up! Having crazy fun on the water!
My PawPaw would get a kick out of circling back over his own waves and trying to knock us of our skis! We're much gentler on our kids right now, but just give em a few years! They've for another thing comin! ;)

We just couldn't get enough of the water, so we went in just long enough to gas up an grab supper, and went back out! I love the lights in the boardwalk at night! We went for a night ride and then to Pats favorite fishing spot. We caught several fish but nothing to keep and cook :/
Still a super fun day all around! We pulled in to midnight because the dock was closing... Just made it in time!

And for the grand finale of our weekend... A 4th of July party at our house! Party at the Marrie's!

We had a funny discussion about where to look on the phone when taking the selfies. I seem to be going cross-eyed lately. Anyway we were cracking up and tried again. Silly mamas!

Pat made a tennis court in our back yard. Game on!

Sparkler fun!


The Smiths!

The Sabsrsulas!

Us, The Marries

Cuties ready for bed!

And these crazy guys! They surprised us with a grand finale :)
They looked so suspicious because they had to go across the street to be in another city since we're not allowed to do fireworks on our side! It was quite a fun sight! Love our guys!

Hope y'all had a great week!

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  1. WOW! You had a busy day. I'm exhausted reading that. haha! I need to have a ride on that boat. We had so much fun at your house for the 4th! You are the hostess with the mostest! Love you!


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