Monday, June 29, 2015

Favorite Summer Shoes

Linking up for some summer shoe fun today!

Sketchers Go Walk 2. So comfortable for when you're not wearing flips or sandals.

I found these at TJ Maxx this Summer! Super cute, low wedge so they're great with shorts, capris or dresses, and the neutral color goes with everything!

A black pair and a bronze pair of Volatile wedge flip sandals! I can wear these with anything from shorts to dresses also. Both have served their time with me and till keep going! I think I've had these for about 4 or 5 years! I just can't part with them. They were about $70 each, but so worth it!

These orange strappy, sparkly wedges. Love em! So pretty. Found at Nordstrom Rack!

And these crocs are so comfy! What better- red, comfy, cute!

Next up, your summer shoes ;)
Can't wait to see them!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Hope you're having a great summer and an awesome Friday!

Here are a few of my favorite things. I'd love to see yours!

So funny and so true. I love Pinterest. It's so neat to be able to see all these new ideas, save some of my own so I have a place to go back and recall, and share some. However, I do have to say, I have never wanted to redo so many things in my house before Pinterest! Paint choices are calling my name! Like this beautiful entryway below! Found it on Pinterest!

I mean. Isn't that just beautiful?!
I hope to have some updates to share within this year!!

This quote is right on! It's probably the best definition or explanation I've ever heard concerning faith.

What better smoothie for Summer than a Bikini Smoothie! Yum!! Even if you're like this mama and don't sport a bikini, this smoothie just makes ya feel healthy!

As part of our VBS this week, we had pirate themed skits to open each day. One of the actors, Captain Crook, was so good- he was just like Captain Jack Sparrow. My girls wanted to see who he was so I found this picture along with some fun video footage from the movies! Funny, I forgot how much I liked old Jack Sparrow too... So he's making a comeback on my Friday favorites list!

Even in the summer, I love me some Creme Brûlée! Especially this one my friend brought back from Waco's Junk in the Trunk!

And last but not least: my favorite quote of the week, which happened right after I took this picture and turned to walk out of the room:

Kaci: "mom she bit me"
Kylie: "I didn't bite!"
Me: "well Kylie, don't you even put your teeth on her."
Kylie: "I didn't. See my teeth are right here!" Pointing to her mouth and opening it wide!
Hahahahaha! How could I not crack up at that one?!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Check back next week for a VBS recap!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

We are sponges!

A big part of, or actually woven into my life, is my Christianity. I think most of the time I just try to live kindly and be truthful and truth seeking, and show Jesus' love those ways. But sometimes you just feel like you need to be doing more. Every once in a while I feel like I'm doing my part for the kingdom, but most of the time, if I let myself think for any length of time about it, I know I can do more than I already am. Weeks like VBS week feel great! Honestly my time during this week is filled with preparing for it, studying, and then teaching it. It's this kind of week that I know I'm doing what I should be. Teaching Bible class to the kids is another time. Teaching my kids through example is another. But what about those other times? Those times I know there are lulls in my Christian walk. No, I don't often feel drifted apart from God, but just a little lull. I can come up with excuses.... Being tired, going thru a trial, busy with kids, etc... Well those are the times I know I need to step it up. Find something to do for someone else, someone, to visit, make a meal for, send a card to, and pray for. Usually when I don't make excuses I actually find the time just fine- prioritize :).

Our preacher used an illustration I had never heard before. It was something to the effect of how we are like sponges and we are saturated. Then when we are pushed, squeezed and tested, what comes out is whatever we are saturated with! Wow. I guess I love illustrations like this. I could picture it and it makes sense. It's just like garbage in, garbage out. But this illustration just hit me a little harder.
So I guess my point is, a reminder to put Godly things into my life and then the Godly attributes will overflow. Hopefully this was a good reminder for someone else too. Go have a blessed day and remember to be a blessing too!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday?!

Linking up here for some What's Up Wednesday fun!

We're eating whatever we can get our hands on😁. It's VBS week, know what I mean?!
We're drinking lots of fruit smoothies though

See how everyone likes different things in theirs and how easy it is to ease them with this Farberware Blender? Love it!

I'm also loving life! Summer fun= late nights, late mornings, relaxing, fun in the sun, and more time with friends and family!

We've been up to VBS, and it's been awesome! More to come next week on that!

I'm reminiscing about our 10 year anniversary cruise because I pulled out this pic the other day so I can take it to my hair lady. Wanting to get that length again maybe.

And now I'm wanting to go on another cruise! I think I could live on those big boats!

I'm dreading teaching Kamri to waterski now that I saw a friend post a pic of an alligator right off their pier! Yikes!

I'm working on getting back in shape! It's better for everyone around me, when I take care of myself, but for me that's sometimes the last thing I think I need to do! But when I do workout I eat right, and that's just plain logic!

I'm excited about a few little vacations we have planned for the summer! More in those later too ;)
And I'm excited my sweet Kaci stopped running fever yesterday and gets to go to VBS today!!

I'm reading: James (Bible), Isaiah (Bible), and In This House We Will Giggle

I'm listening to Talk radio- I know. How exciting. But I get I to all that political news. 😁

I'm wearing

Essie nail polish in my toes. This one is a fun corally color called Bump Up the Pumps!

This weekend, I plan on catching my breath from a full fun super busy week of VBS and daily life! I'll be chilling out a lot watching the kids play!

Hope your Wednesday is looking good! What's up?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SUMMER SALE y'all! Container Store Favorites

I've been called the bag lady, the container lady, and some other names too! I love containers, bins, bags, pouches, things to organize life!
I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I LOVE from one of my favorite organizing stores. The Container Store! And it's just in time because now is the Summer Sale!
Enjoy ;)

1. Door towel rack by UMBRA
Here's mine: we use it for towels, bathing suits, and I've even hung shower hooks on it at one time for the girls to hang their necklaces on. It's perfect for saving space!

And it's included in the Summer Sale!!!

2. Baskets- I love baskets from them, but this is one of my favs- its a black woven pattern and it's a happy home for my magazines.

Similar here.
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3. These flexible cutting boards/mats. I need a big space to cut sometimes, but my old cutting board didn't fit in my dishwasher. These are a perfect solution because they are big, and flexible so I can curve them to fit in the dishwasher. I can also curve them into the pan to slide in my veggies I've just cut up. (And an extra tidbit... That's my favorite knife- it's a Cutco and it cuts like it's melting through!)

4. And another wicker, but this one is a tray! It holds our camera and iPod or phones, right by the plug.

Love the look of this. It a better pic of it when it's emptied out.

Here are a few other things you may want to click over and check out!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekly WrapUp...

We had a whirlwind of rain and ailments this week😳
This week started off early Monday morning at the dentist...for the youngest member of our family! Little Kylie had to have a crown and a filling- what?!?! After much analyzing and reminiscing, I've come to the conclusion that it's because I let her go to sleep with cough drops in her mouth too many nights. It started when she had a sore throat, and no relief at night from anything I probably did the wrong thing #liveandlearn #momfail
I was so glad Kamri and Kaci came with me! They helped her holding her hand as she walked back to get started. On a side note, we have the best dentist ever! She is so calm, cool, and collected, and knows how to run an office that makes you and the kids feel safe. They have their own little waiting room with games and pretend play set up, then they always get a prize as they leave. She encourages parents to stay in the main waiting room and my girls have always done wonderfully this way! Here they are early morning watching a movie, waiting for Kylie to be called.

Then they got to go back with her and split off to the playroom to wait for her.
My sweet peas, or silly monkeys depending on what time of day it is! She did great, throughout the process! However she was queasy and sort of threw up/ dry heaved when we were about to leave the office. Poor thing! But she did tell me so we made it to the potty first. Then on the way home she said she was about to again, so Kamri got unbuckled and climbed in the back to help her out! Oh, and I stopped the car at the CVS parking lot. Such a sweetie. Again so glad they were with me to help out! After we got home it was a lazy day, with Kylie sleeping all day, we stayed quiet and peaceful for her to recover from that "Benadryl" type stuff they gave her. All that quietness made us all lazy so we laid around watching tv!
I think it kinda set my mood for the whole week- I did stuff around the my pjs. Bliss! Sometimes you just need some down time to catch up. We had a busy few weeks there so this time of r & r was needed. Kamri was full of allergy stuff and the Benadryl knocked her for a loop the whole next day- she did not like that and declares she'll never take it again. However, she got a spider bite that left a huge mark that felt, in her words, like raw skin with something poking in it, yikes. That called for Benadryl. I mixed in with her Tylenol for the pain so she never knew. Shhh! But I could tell she was sleepier than normal the next couple days.
Anyway then Kaci also ran a fever one morning, and felt horrible, but it subsided with the pain meds, and that was all.... Or so we thought. But it came back yesterday....She seemed tired all day, and by last night she was running fever again. Weird! And sad, because VBS starts today. Thankful Memaw can keep her for me!

We kept expecting some horrible weather from Bill, which never really came. We did get rain though, so we were inside most of the week till Thursday, when they swam for a bit. They needed to get out of the house!
Then Friday and Saturday all day were our VBS workdays. We had one the week before last too. These are mainly our decorating days. The kiddos pitch in and help too! Kamri was a super big helper on the decorations in my room, along with Pat. Kaci and Kylie helped me staple some pirates up and carry things up and down the stairs. They love it and look forward to the workdays almost as much as the VBS itself! Their friends are there so there's also some running around detouring here and there around the church building. I don't think I got any pics of our workdays. I was too busy working ;). But I couldn't help but get this pic:

That's Kylie having ice cream as a solution to a total meltdown, due to the fact that her big sisters got to stay at VBS workday with their daddy while she had to leave when I left 😂. Ice cream makes everything better!

Here's a peak at our week in pictures:

Playroom playtime. I actually have a pic of this room about an hour prior to this pic in which I could show you a disaster zone, but for some reason it won't upload. Lucky you!

Building a puppet stage. What else do you do on a rainy day?

Crazy sand. I love this stuff -in the box ;)

Caught red-handed!
Cutting a Barbies hair! Hey, I'll take that over cutting her sisters hair any day! ;)

Fun with cousins


Pat, In the process of Making VBS signs. I'll do another post next week on our whole VBS! It's really fun to see it all unfold and to see the kids excited each year we do this!

See that beautiful girl...that's our friend, Audrey McKee.
a highlight of our week: we got to see Audrey on TV!
She is the winner of the Tommy Tunes Best Leading Actress! She's going on to compete in New York this summer, and we can't wait to see how that goes! Remember her name. You'll see it in lights one day!!!

Sunday for Fathers Day we..…
Went to church to worship our Heavenly Father, then went to eat at Joe Lee's. Pat's pick. This time he wanted something a little quicker so he could get back home and study. Pat is working on his Masters Degree and had to finish up school work all afternoon. That has been his Sunday afternoons and some Saturdays for almost a year and a half. Come on August (graduation)!
Us girls didn't mind the quicker lunch either though because we wanted to get home and see Audrey on TV. They aired the Tommy Tune awards and we missed out on getting tickets to it live. It literally made us get chills and tear up to see her accept this award, because she deserved it and works so hard!

And here's what I found on my phone yesterday ;). This is a screen shot of only SOME of the selfies she took...

LOL! Looks like she was trying to see her shiny, silver, new tooth back there at first, then just being silly! Love it!

Hope you're having a great summer!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites!

1. My AM/PM facial care caddy- it's this caddy from ThirtyOne.
I like to just grab this stuff all together rather than keeping them in a shelf individually. This makes getting out and putting up much faster. These are all things I use for face either in the morning and/or at night, so it makes since to have them all ready together.

Here are a few items that are in it:
Click here for Witchhazel products! I love these towelettes for travel and the bottle for home daily use.

I love the whole line of Mario Badescu skin care. This is a pic of the drying lotion. Good stuff!

2. Organizers that make life easier. I love this dry erase board that has the look of stainless steel to match my fridge. It doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. I have 3 of these. I use this one on the fridge for grocery lists and meal planning. Anytime I think of something I need throughout the week I jot it down on there and then it's ready when I make my paper list to take to the store.

3. Where we live:

I think our little corner of the world is a great place to live! I love being near water!!

Showing some love with this wood slat sign

4. My Farberware Single Serve Blender

I have had Ninja Blenders and a Jack LaLanne juicer. I just never did like all the big stuff. The clean up was the main pain. My sister in law recommended this blender and it was sold out until this week. I have been waiting for it and jumped on it when they got them in. I looked them up online and a far as I can tell they're only sold at Walmart. It's inexpensive (about $18) and comes with 5 individual blending cups! Perfect for our little nest of 5! We all want different things in our smoothies sometimes and this is perfect for our pickiness! I let the kids put what they want in their cup after I cut up all the fruit, and we blend away. We can drink right out of the cups we blend in! It doesn't take up a lot of room in the dishwasher and they're not heavy to wash by hand, like the Ninja glass container I used to blend in. It's genius!

5. This purse! My darlings picked this out for me, because of the cute polka bag that came with it! They know I go crazy for pouches! I LOVE it! It's so roomy! Ya need lots of room when you're a mama, right?!?!

6. Perfect for a yummy summer salad:

These dressings are ¡delicioso!
If you haven't tried them out, you should! You will be pleased!

7.seeing these 3 lovelies play together:

Seeing these 3 play is one of my favorite things ever! Just ignore the all the laundry in the background that needs to be put away ;). I snapped this pic when they came in the laundry room to show me the pig tails Kamri made in their hair.

That's it for my favs! Have a great weekend!!!

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