Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Keepsake clothing as decor ;). What 'they' wore!

Today I'm doing "what 'they' wore"...
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I just couldn't bear to part with these precious shirts! They were given by Pat's co-worker Chaysen and were one of my most favorite gifts when Kylie was born!

I played around with several ideas like framing them or hanging them in each of their rooms, etc. But one day while doing laundry it hit me... I could hang them over my laundry room window with clothes pins! I love the little bit of brightness they add to the room and the memories of when they wore them. As you can see one of the girls loved hers the most! Yes, Kaci wore hers all the time- got stains and all!
There were times I wanted to make her wait and not wear it to play in, eat in, craft in, or anything in, so it would stay so bright and sparkly! I'm so glad I let her wear it out- I love the stains and all hanging there in my wall- those are some good memories and signs of good times!

Kamri wore hers too, but quickly outgrew it- they grow too fast! She is also more particular and wouldn't really wear hers to play in- it was more of a dressy shirt for her. :)

Baby sister Kylie got to wear hers for special occasions when they were all dresses alike- hers looks brand new because, again, they grow so fast! Funny thing though, when I first got it, it seemed like it would be FOREVER before she could wear it!

I'm so thankful for memories hanging in my laundry room! Fun stuff!

Sweet sisters!

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  2. Awesome! Thanks Judy! Love all the ideas from your blog!

  3. what an sweet idea! I love it! I have some keepsake clothing here I am holding on to, now I have an idea of what to do with it!


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