Monday, July 6, 2015

Good Dirt...Laundry and Blessings

All I have to say is, we must have loads of fun...
because I always have dirty clothes in my laundry room.

Seriously, it's like a revolving door! In and out in and out! Laundry just seems to get on overload especially during the summer.
It's because I'm spending all my time taking kids somewhere or swimming, riding bikes, and stuff that just keeps us busy. So since I can't be 2 places at once, and I'm not in the laundry room... And we're all still clothed everyday (you're welcome;)... Dirty laundry piles up! Typically when we're busy like this, and it's on overload, I take one day off from going anywhere, make the kids entertain themselves (I know, so mean ;), and knock it all out. And start over fresh- I love that feeling!
They were lucky this time though, because memaw was over and played diner with them in the playroom, while I was laundering.

I got busy snapping my fingers! ;)
I mean folding...
I do have a nice view though. I can look out the window and watch cars pass, some birds on wires, and I can see these and remember my girls when they were newborn, 2, and 6. Wow how time flies! 4 years in a little growing body can make a lot of difference!

So here's how my laundry is sorted and done.

1. I have 5 of these baskets. I keep 2 in the laundry room. One for lights and one for darks. I keep one in the girls bathroom for all their dirty clothes. They throw them in there. I keep one in my vanity closet and one in my husbands vanity closet.

Then I also keep those 2 big 5 gallon buckets. One is for soiled towels, sheets, and gross things that don't need to be mixed with the other laundry. As a side note, these work really well for vomitting too.
When I bring the baskets from the bathrooms to the laundry room I sort them into these baskets for darks and lights and wash everyone's clothes together. I used to wash only one persons clothes at a time, but I found this way to be more efficient for me.

After I wash all the clothes I set out everyone's clean laundry baskets, and just sort them into the right basket as I'm folding. The clean laundry baskets are great. They're mesh and have handles for easy carrying.

They can also lay flat

Or fold for storing in a smaller space after finishing the laundry. I just gave them index cards and let them decorate their own tags for them. As much as if like to say it helps them WANT to put up their own clothes, nah...not so much. But it does help sort while I'm folding and get everyone's clothes to the right spot.

Even though it can seem overwhelming staring at the laundry and thinking it will never end, I am thankful for the blessing of family and that I do have laundry to do. It's always easier to be thankful for it in hindsight, but I try to remember that before I get started too! "The best days end in dirty clothes!"

So that's how I roll with the laundry in this nest of 5.

How about you?

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