Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly wrap up

We had a LOT of fun this past week!

Kaci was in her first program of the Kindergarten year. It was Ballet Folklorico. The kids practiced everyday at school for a few weeks and the dances were so cute! Only a couple of kids from each class got picked to perform in it. The kindergarten song was Gloria Estefan, Conga. Super fun!

They also had PE fun day at school the week before, which was lots of wet fun! It was a bit chili that day though... Glad I didn't have to get wet and was just an innocent bystander that day ;)

Then on Friday night they had the school dance. The theme was Holllywood. And let me tell you, those kids went all out! They dresses up head to toe! As my girls were getting dressed they wanted to dress up, curl hair, have makeup and all. I wondered if they would be the only ones! Man, I couldn't believe it when we got there. It was so cute- the boys wore dress shirts, some had ties, or suits and dress shoes too! The girls were in their best dresses, hair and makeup done up and all! It was really cute and they ran around having the best time!

On Saturday morning I took the girls to a birthday party that was super cute- a painting party! Those parents were brave- it was a 4 year old party. They decorated cans, painted canvases, made string bead necklaces, painted little bird houses, and decorated cupcakes!

After that party we went to a crawfish boil. Now the man that threw this party knows how to party!!! He rented kayaks, paddle boards, golf carts and bikes for all of the guests!! He had a live band and the crawfish truck in! He even had a Mexican food spread for those that didn't care for crawfish, sausage, potatoes, and corn. It was so much fun!!!

And to finish off our weekend or Start our new week, we had an awesome day at church! It was Senior Sunday Celebration! We have a big group graduating. A very special group of kids. The sermon was geared to them dealing with Selflessness, but in reality was geared to all of us and such a great lesson for anyone at any point in life! I want to read one of the books the speaker, Jeff, mentioned that had some very good insights to living like Christ, in line with God's will.

After the service we had Potluck lunch, along with a slideshow of each one graduating and a little quiz we had to guess which senior it was talking about. Such fun! The slideshow kept making me tear up, of course. A few of our dear friends have sons and daughters graduating. It's crazy how time flies! Here's a pic of our best friends' kiddos together with ours.

We were so honored to be there to celebrate with all of them! Reid, is our best friends' son, who we have watched grow up from cute itty bitty to this handsome young man!

Audrey is another senior. We have grown so fond of her and her family over the past few years also. We have watched her grow as an actress in her high school plays and now, after winning Best Leading Actress in the Tommy Tune awards, she's headed to Pepperdine and also to compete on Broadway this Summer. We're so excited for her. Here she is as Mary Poppins with the girls:

To finish off our Sunday night we had an awesome report from one of the missionaries who lives on a reservation in Phoenix. He told of so many of the Native Americans who have obeyed the gospel. I think it's such a wonderful work he and his family are doing there, and he is an awesome speaker. After night church, the little kids got to get up front and song a few songs they learned over this past year. Little Kylie was quite proud and excited to be up in front getting to sing. Kaci has done it before and was excited again to get her certificate showing that she knows all the songs 100%!

I'm so thankful for a church that helps train and teach our kiddos to praise The Lord!

Among all the fun stuff this week, mom and I spent 3 days moving her out of her house! Phew!
Now that's a wrap!
Now we're into the last few days of school and they're just as jam packed as ever, full of fun stuff!

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