Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SUMMER SALE y'all! Container Store Favorites

I've been called the bag lady, the container lady, and some other names too! I love containers, bins, bags, pouches, things to organize life!
I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I LOVE from one of my favorite organizing stores. The Container Store! And it's just in time because now is the Summer Sale!
Enjoy ;)

1. Door towel rack by UMBRA
Here's mine: we use it for towels, bathing suits, and I've even hung shower hooks on it at one time for the girls to hang their necklaces on. It's perfect for saving space!

And it's included in the Summer Sale!!!

2. Baskets- I love baskets from them, but this is one of my favs- its a black woven pattern and it's a happy home for my magazines.

Similar here.
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3. These flexible cutting boards/mats. I need a big space to cut sometimes, but my old cutting board didn't fit in my dishwasher. These are a perfect solution because they are big, and flexible so I can curve them to fit in the dishwasher. I can also curve them into the pan to slide in my veggies I've just cut up. (And an extra tidbit... That's my favorite knife- it's a Cutco and it cuts like it's melting through!)

4. And another wicker, but this one is a tray! It holds our camera and iPod or phones, right by the plug.

Love the look of this. It a better pic of it when it's emptied out.

Here are a few other things you may want to click over and check out!

Happy Tuesday!

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