Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday?!

Linking up here for some What's Up Wednesday fun!

We're eating whatever we can get our hands on😁. It's VBS week, know what I mean?!
We're drinking lots of fruit smoothies though

See how everyone likes different things in theirs and how easy it is to ease them with this Farberware Blender? Love it!

I'm also loving life! Summer fun= late nights, late mornings, relaxing, fun in the sun, and more time with friends and family!

We've been up to VBS, and it's been awesome! More to come next week on that!

I'm reminiscing about our 10 year anniversary cruise because I pulled out this pic the other day so I can take it to my hair lady. Wanting to get that length again maybe.

And now I'm wanting to go on another cruise! I think I could live on those big boats!

I'm dreading teaching Kamri to waterski now that I saw a friend post a pic of an alligator right off their pier! Yikes!

I'm working on getting back in shape! It's better for everyone around me, when I take care of myself, but for me that's sometimes the last thing I think I need to do! But when I do workout I eat right, and that's just plain logic!

I'm excited about a few little vacations we have planned for the summer! More in those later too ;)
And I'm excited my sweet Kaci stopped running fever yesterday and gets to go to VBS today!!

I'm reading: James (Bible), Isaiah (Bible), and In This House We Will Giggle

I'm listening to Talk radio- I know. How exciting. But I get I to all that political news. 😁

I'm wearing

Essie nail polish in my toes. This one is a fun corally color called Bump Up the Pumps!

This weekend, I plan on catching my breath from a full fun super busy week of VBS and daily life! I'll be chilling out a lot watching the kids play!

Hope your Wednesday is looking good! What's up?

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