Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites!

1. My AM/PM facial care caddy- it's this caddy from ThirtyOne.
I like to just grab this stuff all together rather than keeping them in a shelf individually. This makes getting out and putting up much faster. These are all things I use for face either in the morning and/or at night, so it makes since to have them all ready together.

Here are a few items that are in it:
Click here for Witchhazel products! I love these towelettes for travel and the bottle for home daily use.

I love the whole line of Mario Badescu skin care. This is a pic of the drying lotion. Good stuff!

2. Organizers that make life easier. I love this dry erase board that has the look of stainless steel to match my fridge. It doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. I have 3 of these. I use this one on the fridge for grocery lists and meal planning. Anytime I think of something I need throughout the week I jot it down on there and then it's ready when I make my paper list to take to the store.

3. Where we live:

I think our little corner of the world is a great place to live! I love being near water!!

Showing some love with this wood slat sign

4. My Farberware Single Serve Blender

I have had Ninja Blenders and a Jack LaLanne juicer. I just never did like all the big stuff. The clean up was the main pain. My sister in law recommended this blender and it was sold out until this week. I have been waiting for it and jumped on it when they got them in. I looked them up online and a far as I can tell they're only sold at Walmart. It's inexpensive (about $18) and comes with 5 individual blending cups! Perfect for our little nest of 5! We all want different things in our smoothies sometimes and this is perfect for our pickiness! I let the kids put what they want in their cup after I cut up all the fruit, and we blend away. We can drink right out of the cups we blend in! It doesn't take up a lot of room in the dishwasher and they're not heavy to wash by hand, like the Ninja glass container I used to blend in. It's genius!

5. This purse! My darlings picked this out for me, because of the cute polka bag that came with it! They know I go crazy for pouches! I LOVE it! It's so roomy! Ya need lots of room when you're a mama, right?!?!

6. Perfect for a yummy summer salad:

These dressings are ¡delicioso!
If you haven't tried them out, you should! You will be pleased!

7.seeing these 3 lovelies play together:

Seeing these 3 play is one of my favorite things ever! Just ignore the all the laundry in the background that needs to be put away ;). I snapped this pic when they came in the laundry room to show me the pig tails Kamri made in their hair.

That's it for my favs! Have a great weekend!!!

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