Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jewelry organization- the frugal way

Do you have an empty wall space? And a drawer or 2 you can spare? Clean out that junk, that mess pile of jewelry that's taking up space! Here's what I did that may be helpful.

1. Clean out! Keep track of what jewelry you wear for a month. Then think about the other seasons and if any of the jewelry you haven't worn is something you wear seasonally or for special occasions. Now- get rid of the rest! Give it away or sell it....just get it out of your way.

2. Now get a cheap organizer like:THIS ONE FROM ACADEMY

In the 2nd drawer I used a junk drawer caddy I had in my kitchen, to hold my bracelets, flower pins, and a few keepsakes.

3. Use the sections to put all your earrings in. I detached the lid and just leave it open in my drawer so it cuts out an extra step of pulling it out of the drawer. I used a drawer of my vanity in the bathroom since that's where I get ready.

4. Next grab a pack of those tiny screw-in hooks like these.

Screw them into that blank wall space and hang your necklaces. You could also screw them into a piece of wood first, then screw your wood to the wall, if you're not sure you want them in that spot for a long time. I knew mine would stay in this linen closet in my bathroom, right next to my vanity, so I just screw them right into the wall. Stagger them a bit so they'll hang nicely. If they're longer necklaces, use two hooks to spread the top out a bit. It makes it easy to find why you're looking for quickly when they're all hanging there. It also makes you realize how many you have and maybe don't need!

Hope this helps I clear out and organize your jewels!!
How do you organize yours? Have a good idea? Share it in the comments!

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