Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Small Business & Varage Sale

Have y'all heard of Varage Sale? It's pretty cool- it's an online garage sale. No digging through the piles at a garage sale. Just search for an item or just stumble upon something you at a very good price! You can be picky. You can also sell your stuff.

Well. I painted a few canvases for my house, then decided I'd post them on varage sale, to make a profit, and if I sold any I could just repaint them for my house. Well there are rules that I hadn't read and I got told that my canvases were supposed to be in "Small Business" category. Say what? That sounds weird since I don't really have a business... But the rule is...

- So there you have it. I posted one canvas for an example of what I could do, and listed it in the Small Business section. I have sold a few so I keep painting. I think I mentioned before that painting is very therapeutic! It's calming and relaxing for me. When the kids go to bed, many times I can't wait to have that time to myself to paint away! I'm not a long term project kind of person either, so that's why I like these canvases so much. I can usually get them done in a short amount of time. I like that I can quickly see my finished product and hang it the next day.

Back to Varage Sale. If you haven't tried it, and you don't mind second hand stuff or want to sell something, you should!

It's fun, but watch out.... It can be addicting! A word of advice - set a time of day you'll check it. Otherwise you'll be on it way too much like I was at first. ;).

Have a look at some canvases here at "by5design".
I decided to call it that because there are 5 of us that will be creating and crafting here....and several other names I chose were taken. :D
Update: Varage Sale just made the News. Click here for the link.
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