Thursday, June 11, 2015


I'm sharing this on Friday Favorites here at Momfessionals
saving and getting good deals is one of my favorite things. It makes my heart happy to know I got a good deal and was wise with what we have.

I consider myself truly blessed. I am a former school teacher. 10 years ago I had my first of 3 children, and I have been able to stay home with them while my husband continues teaching and coaching. I know we have more than many and not as much as some. I try to be content whatever I have. I do try to be frugal. Here are some ways I save and make bucks $$. Hope this will help some who may not already use these ways.

1. Repurpose things in the house. An example is moving furniture around. This is one of my favorite things to do. I know it seems odd, but just rearranging things can make you feel like you've got a new space all together! When I need (want) something new in a spot, I shop my stuff first. Here's an example.

For a while this was an empty wall. I wanted to fill it, but didn't really have the funds to go out and buy a new piece of furniture.
This was a dresser in a bedroom, then it was a changing table when I added a changing pad on top when all my girls were babies. And now it's latest use, this hall side table where there used to be an empty space on the wall. It now holds our photo albums and loose pictures I need to sort.

2. Make things I can that would be more expensive to buy. This plain shirt, I got off of a 70% off rack at Target, plus another %off on my cartwheel app (another great way to save). It was just plain on front with no words.

Then I wrote LOVE across the front with a fabric marker. Voila! New shirt that looks very similar to one I saw at Forever 21 that was way more. Can't beat 3 buckaroos for a cute shirt!

3. Sell things I don't need, or that are taking up too much space, making clutter. I sell on Varage Sale, which I told a little about here.
I also buy things from VS for far less than I could new. Here's an example. This lady was moving and wanted to get rid of things quickly, so she posted this Ikea shelving unit for 10 bucks! I snatched that up real quick!

And here's another Ikea unit I got for $70!

These are actually the same Ikea system just different sizes, from two different moving sales! Score!!

4. Making things for personal use and selling then making more! Lately I've been on a painting kick. Specifically with canvases. I decided to start a little blog to keep track of what I can make. You can see some of it I've uploaded here.. Although I need a good camera for better pictures, this will have to do for now.

Keep an eye out for more ways to save coming up soon! Happy Friday!

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