Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekly wrap up!

What a fun start to Summer!! Here are some memories we've made this past week. We've had lots of fun swimming all day some days, though I don't have any pictures because I was in the water with them!

Kamri cooks breakfast for us sometimes now! Super yum!

Bike riding- it was way hot. I walked and had to pull little one's handle bars most of the way. Next time maybe I'll attach a rope to pull her.

After that bike ride and a few minutes of A/C, they went on the slip n slide, while I sat in the shade on the porch and read James.

picture of my newly covered OLD Bible.
My poor purse Bible was falling apart and looking pretty bad, so Kamri got after it with some Flamingo Duct Tape! Flamingo and Bible- love it! a side note- James is one of those books of the Bible that will make you think before you speak! With VBS coming up, and me being one of the teachers, it makes me really take it even more seriously. Not that I didn't before, but it's just a good reminder, that if you're teaching you're held more accountable because more is entrusted to you. I feel like I have a duty, with the little ones coming through our doors, to be careful to teach God's word, and no more. And to show them God's love. That's the easy and fun part!

And now for some water fun on the wave runner!

And some patiently waiting their turn...

Just sittin' on the doc of the Bay... :)

At night they have been sooo tired. I decided to use that time to read to them from Isaiah, for the summer reading club at church. It has worked quite well for putting them to sleep, lol!
Me on the other hand- it's speaking volumes to me! I have been thinking as I read, how old Isreal reminds me of current America. Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Now that's some deep discussion for another post all of it's own.

Here they are painting canvases. Like mother like daughters!

Over the weekend- we got to see my cousin and his handsome family. They live about an hour away so we really don't see them much. The girls had sooo much fun with their little cousins!! And the adults did too! James barbecues for us when he comes down- score!

That's it for now.
More fun ahead!

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