Thursday, June 25, 2015

We are sponges!

A big part of, or actually woven into my life, is my Christianity. I think most of the time I just try to live kindly and be truthful and truth seeking, and show Jesus' love those ways. But sometimes you just feel like you need to be doing more. Every once in a while I feel like I'm doing my part for the kingdom, but most of the time, if I let myself think for any length of time about it, I know I can do more than I already am. Weeks like VBS week feel great! Honestly my time during this week is filled with preparing for it, studying, and then teaching it. It's this kind of week that I know I'm doing what I should be. Teaching Bible class to the kids is another time. Teaching my kids through example is another. But what about those other times? Those times I know there are lulls in my Christian walk. No, I don't often feel drifted apart from God, but just a little lull. I can come up with excuses.... Being tired, going thru a trial, busy with kids, etc... Well those are the times I know I need to step it up. Find something to do for someone else, someone, to visit, make a meal for, send a card to, and pray for. Usually when I don't make excuses I actually find the time just fine- prioritize :).

Our preacher used an illustration I had never heard before. It was something to the effect of how we are like sponges and we are saturated. Then when we are pushed, squeezed and tested, what comes out is whatever we are saturated with! Wow. I guess I love illustrations like this. I could picture it and it makes sense. It's just like garbage in, garbage out. But this illustration just hit me a little harder.
So I guess my point is, a reminder to put Godly things into my life and then the Godly attributes will overflow. Hopefully this was a good reminder for someone else too. Go have a blessed day and remember to be a blessing too!

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