Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day weekend.

We had a great relaxing weekend!
Fun Friday:
the kids got to swim and ride bikes after school. It was a pretty day!

Fun & Spruce up Saturday:
We had a birthday party to attend, which was lots of girly Princess fun!
We decided to have friends over for Memorial Day. I like to have at least a semi-mostly clean house when people come over so I spent a good portion of Saturday picking up little things here and there and vacuuming. Pat did all the outside yard work while the girls played- and helped too. It's all the little things strewn here there and everywhere that take so long when doing house work.
It cracks me up the way we plan parties over here. Here's how it went down: one friend texted: "So my peeps...are we gonna do anything on Monday?πŸ˜˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ". And I quickly texted Pat and said wanna have a party at our house for Memorial Day? He said sure. So I texted a few friends: "party at the Marrie's". To which I got a "really? awesome! What time? Swim suits?" And the ball was rolling from there.

Lights out & pjs Sunday:
the weather had been horrible on Saturday night into Sunday am. Sooo our power went out, which meant no alarms went off, no lights were on, which translates to extra sleep! The bad thing is we missed church, by the time we woke up and me with my wet hair (I always wash my hair at night and wake up with it wet to fix the next morning), and no power to fix my hair or my face. It was quite eventful though because Pat told me he had had a piece of glass stuck in his foot since last week when I busted a glass outside. So I spent much of our afternoon after the lights were back on, digging in his foot with a needle prying the glass out. I know- ewww! The girls got all into it! They got their tablets out and played nurses and assistants and got all his info. And most importantly got his credit card info and made sure he was going to pay his doctor bill, which they jacked up pretty high! You know, stitches, x-rays and all cost a lot!

Party Monday:
Well of course this was the best day of the long weekend! We love to party! The kids got to swim, and play basketball. The guys played ping pong. The gals were busy with kiddos and visiting in between interruptions ;). We laughed because we kept ending up in different parts of the house or on the porch because of moving to help Kylie with her life jacket, or go potty, or get a drink, or get food, or ... Well you get the picture! She's just 4. Oh and eating.... Lots of eating!
Everyone pitched in and brought something which makes it easier to have a party! The most popular item brought made it in a pic...

What's a Memorial Day party without LOTS of chips?!
But these were the cutest ones of the bunch:

And the guys:

And the mamas:

We had the traditional burgers, dogs, and Flag cake,

with some dips and cookies too. Oh and watermelon- YUM! Always way too much food, but better too much than not enough! I always have fun decorating for the seasons and holidays. It's one of my favorite things to do! It's like some kind of therapy for me (not that I need any...I don't think...;)
Anyway, this time I just painted a canvas and focused on my entry table. Here's a link to the canvas and entry table stuff.

(Photography during the party- thanks to Kim! I took none!)

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