Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kid time = Mama time

Lately I've noticed that I've been getting to just sit... a lot. Not because I have nothing to do. Far from that. I have to do lists out the wazoo (what is one anyway?). I have laundry piled high, dishes in constant use, toys strung where no toys have gone before, and many more things, (all of which drive me nuts the instant they pile up an aren't done). Its been the "let it pile high all week then get it all done in one day" season with my housekeeping lately. My best me likes to never have it piled up and be able to constantly keep up with it, but sometimes that's just not possible. I wish I was Mary Poppins. So back to the reason I've been sitting is because of 3 little monkeys (aka- my girls). They love to play outside (they've only recently rediscovered this love and I love it) but only if I'm right there with them. I pretty much have to be there if they're riding bikes around our front drive way, and if they're swimming. These are the 2 main things they've been doing lately- a lot! So I have thoroughly enjoyed my time just sitting and watching them. The pool water isn't quite as warm as I like it yet. I absolutely don't like cold water. When it heats up I'll be right there with them. And when they ride bikes in front, sometimes I'll get out of my lawn chair and shoot some hoops or ride bikes for a few minutes. But I really love watching them when they forget I'm watching - and just go carefree and sing and wave at all the cars passing by. Actually they don't ever really forget I'm watching because every once in a while I see them glance over and make sure I'm still right in my seat where I'm supposed to be. And don't think I can sneak off to grab a drink! As soon as I get up they holler "mom, where you going?" They are so funny about me being right near them and always have been. I suppose one day I'll be missing that.
With all this sitting around I've had lots of time to browse Pinterest and actually check some emails, or read a new book, but sometimes I just drop everything and sit and watch. Its also been a time where I realize I can blog a minute or two. I like writing and sharing things once in a while so I found myself back here. It may be something the kids enjoy looking back at sometime in the future. It's been such a fun spring and we are so ready for summer break! Can't wait for some lazy mornings, fun times, and late nights! I miss those crazy lazy hazy days of summer (did you just start singing 😄) where all our time is together for a while and kid time = mama time (sometimes;)! I guess we're starting early!!!

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