Wednesday, May 27, 2015

the Good old Days

I was doing dishes in the kitchen, the kids were in bed, and Pat was watching the Rockets in the bedroom (I could hear it from the kitchen). I went down the hall to go see what was happening with the game and found out he wasn't really 'watching' the game... He was listening to it. We don't have ESPN, so we can only catch some of the games.

Anyway, It sent me back 30 years! I immediately and fondly thought of my Paw Paw listening to the ball games on Sunday afternoon! I loved that time. He would prop up on the couch with the radio on a little side table near his head and the antenna sticking up and him getting it just right. Of course there was a little static still but good enough for him. Now I'm not that old. We had the TV. The game was actually going on the TV as well, but he would have the TV volume down and just listen to the radio version. I'm not sure why. Maybe because he had hearing aid, it was easier to just have the sound right by him. Oh and that hearing aid! I loved hearing it whistle, then hearing my Meme or my mom, or any of us tell him he was whistling and then watching him turn that tiny dial down. I thought that was so cool... and funny that he couldn't always hear the whistle. And especially hilarious if it went off in church!
Back to my thought- it also could have been because maybe he thought the radio commentary was better than the TV one back then. Whatever the reason, I just think it was neat. I could lay beside him for a minute, grab a hug, kiss, and then run outside to play again. He didn't care. He loved all the kids to be around. The women folk would all be either cooking, cleaning up kitchen, or playing on the piano, talking and laughing the whole time. It was just such a fun time. It was carefree and I loved it. It's why I paint things like this canvas sometimes. When I see it, it's a good feeling.

I try to make sure my kids see fun and carefree here too. I let them see me laugh and have fun, I sing and dance with them, and just let loose...even while putting up dishes or clothes. Sometimes I'm the morning pick me up for them while their eating their Lucky Charms. They may roll their eyes but they pretty much always join in and we have pretty good mornings before school! It's easy to let daily life get in the way of that sometimes, but I want them to know that life can be full of joy. Let loose and have fun! I want them to be able to look back one day and say "those were the good old days" and then to be able to create their own good old days with their kids. After all "these are the good old days" aren't they! I love being right where I'm at!

Oh, and the Rockets lost 😞. That was fun to follow though! I love a good game of b-ball!

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