Thursday, July 17, 2014

Special Gift DIY Project

>> This is fun, frugal, and a really cute finished product that came about all because of a broken headband from which I saved the flower, and some supplies I already had. Hangs easily since it's lightweight. It can really be adapted to fit any room depending on your colors, style, and even a different saying. I made this one for the wall in the hall leading to my girls bedrooms. Look at other linkup DIY stuff here
Here's what you need:
Decorative felt (I used turquoise)
Burlap (cut to fit inside the felt)
Flower (I used one off of a headband that broke)
8 to 12" ribbon
Hot glue gun
1-1/2" letters stencils and flower stencil
Acrylic paints (I used: Bahama Blue, Yellow Flame, and White)
Paint sponges (small)
First lay out your burlap piece and flower on top of the felt.  Heat your hot glue gun while you position the burlap and flower just like you like it. Mine was centered and the flower on top left corner.
Next hot glue your burlap. Make sure you get those edges pushed down because they have a tendency to curl up as you work.  I had to go back and add more along each edge because I had just done the corners at first.  (My trial and error= your benefit ;).
Now glue your flower in the corner.
Next paint a big strip of the blue in the middle of the burlap all the way across.  If you don't get your paint too thick you can keep working.  Otherwise you may want to do a load of laundry (or not) at this point and let it dry :)
Then start stenciling your letters!
You can see the colors and positioning I used in the picture.  Make it your own and have fun!  If you have one or do one I'd love to know how it turns out! Leave a comment and a pic or a link!

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  1. Beautiful sign! Thanks for sharing @ Monday Handmade Linkup Party.


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