Thursday, July 24, 2014

Love my K's (letters to my girls)

It was like yesterday, in November of 2004, our baby girl, Kamri, was born, God's 1st little gift to us! What a blessing. It's that unconditional LOVE you automatically get when you become a mama!
Then in 2008- our 2nd gift from God, Kaci, was born. It's that indescribable LOVE you just can't stop!
And last but not least, in 2011, God gave us our 3rd little gift, Kylie! It's that heart-melting overflowing LOVE that's contagious !
To say the least, these girls have changed my world and are a blessing I couldn't have imagined before!
I remember ladies telling me that time would fly- I would blink and they'd be starting kindergarten, then blink again and she would be graduating high school, college, and so on.... Well, they were right! And as I was writing in one of their journals this week, I realized how thankful I am that people told me about how fast time flies and how I probably wouldn't remember everything so "be sure to write stuff in the baby book!"
Well the baby book is great for writing down many things, but not everything that was on my heart so I decided, right after Big K was born, that I would start letters to her and about her life, in a journal. It's nothing fancy or anything, just my handwriting on lined pages to her. But it means so much to me and I hope it will mean so much to each of them one day.
I try now to write in them once a week as part of my Morning Routine I mentioned here.
I keep them in a drawer in the kitchen and don't really draw attention to them- it's like my secret little place for stuff like that, my journals. I thought I'd give the journals to them when they graduate or get married. day Big K caught me writing in it and wanted to read some so I let her. I teared up reading back to the beginning! I only read back every once in a while.
Then one day when I was sick, she was helping me all day, bring me soup and sprite and I was letting her know what a great job she was doing. Next thing I know she's writing in the journal herself! Something along the lines of, "Kamri helped me so much today when I was sick. She's such a big helper..,". That cracked me up! So it's her handwriting as if it was was me talking about her helping me. Now that'll be fun to look back on one day! Pat wrote in too. His is the second letter in Kamri's, and it was his very first Father's Day! He wrote about that and how it was her very first time to go to Bible class, and who all her teachers were. Such a special treat!

One of my friends does a spiral note to her kids and they write back to her. That's a neat one too! I think I may try that when they get a little older. She says sometimes they tell her things in the notes that they otherwise might not tell her but need to talk about. Brilliant!
Do you have anything you do that's special for memories? I'd love to hear about yours!
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