Saturday, August 16, 2014

Repurposed Headboard! Ready for School!

We're getting ready for back to school! Are you???
Last week I had to totally rip apart every room in the house- fun stuff! Not fun was the reason... Kylie's glasses were MIA! We had gone swimming. She had them on. We came in and straight to bath time. I don't remember her having them. I don't remember her not having them. Ugh!!! So for several days I was searching. Alas, I found them tucked away under a shelf in her room hiding out by the baseboard! Anyway- one good thing is it made me reorganize an declutter some rooms more quickly than I would have had I not been on a mission to find those glasses :).
So today I'm sharing one repurposed item that has had a long life! A headboard!
Long story short- I got this wood headboard FREE a couple years ago from "freecycle". I sanded it and painted it white for Kamri's room. I probably have a picture of that whole process somewhere but not feeling like digging that up at the moment. Anyway, Kamri loved it for a while. She fixed it up and decorated it! But as I was moving things around this week to find those glasses, she said she was tired of all that stuff and really wanted that headboard out of her room. Fine by me! :). It did make her bed stick out a little to far into her room I thought. As I was moving it out, I realized I could use it elsewhere! And her it is: a headboard as a backpack/ school paper drop zone!
My handyman hubby had already made the backpack hanger a few years back and we used to have a bench seat under it. Bottom line- the bench seat didn't get used and became a catch all, so it had to go. I think this headboard turned shelf will do nicely- a basket for in/out papers, the 3 binders I keep their art/hand work in, and space below for shoe baskets/bins to come later. We're ready for school!

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  1. Awesome! I'm planning to come up with something like this for our house. We need a designated drop zone for things like keys, purses, mail, etc. The fact that these items end up cluttering other surfaces drives me crazy! You've inspired me!


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