Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly WrapUp (tennis camp week)

This was our first week of Tennis Camp this summer!

I'll go ahead and say it, my husband is the best Tennis coach since sliced bread! ;) seriously though, my kids look forward to tennis camp all summer! They love daddy being the coach. He really is so much fun with the kids. It's exactly what a camp should be for kids- fun, engaging, and they learn some skills for sure! Before I watched him in action I didn't know how much fun a tennis camp could be! He does 2 weeks of camps. Elementary is early 7:30-9, junior high is 9-10:30, then high school is 10:30-12:30. Pat is out there sweating the whole time- don't know how he does it but I guess he's acclimated to it. He's been coaching for 21 years, playing since he was little, went to college on a Tennis scholarship! Basically, his life has always been about Tennis! And history! The man can tell you a story from the past and you feel like you were actually there. Which brings me to my next point- he's also the best history teacher! I never was interested in History until I married him! He decided though, that at some point he wants to quit coaching, and either be a principal, or some type of administrative position. So- he's been working on his masters degree. And why is this in my weekly WrapUp? He took his Administrators test last week, and we got the results back this week. He was so excited- PASSED! So we went out to eat this week to celebrate! Super happy for him because it was a really tricky test! He also finished his Thesis paper! Another Big deal!

Now on to some monkey business! For real! We have this cool little place down the street, "Ms. Monkey's Emporium"- gourmet popcorn and coffees. They also have real monkeys there! I took the kids one day and we got to hold the monkeys- lots of fun, and their great way of bringing in some serious business to the Monkey business! Lol!

I got us all some Sea Salt Caramel popcorn! YUM! I love a little sweet and salty!

Thy have a glass enclosed little room for the monkeys, with hammocks and play toys! You can see them all the time and then they have certain times they being them out for people to hold. When I was holding one, he was sucking his thumb, ten reached up with his finger and pulled on my sunglasses, Lol! Funny monkey!

I painted this beachy sign this week. You can click here to see it! I just love it!

We attended a baby shower for my sis-n-law! Super cute bee theme! While we were shopping last week for her gift, one of my children (the oldest) ahem, took my wooden spoon out of my purse. I didn't realize it till later when I was looking for it, and she says, "oh, it's in a rocking chair at 'Buy Buy Baby'!" Say what?! So on my to do list for tomorrow is to go back to the store and dig in a rocker for my wooden spoon! Think anyone will notice? I'll probably end up on their cameras in the store as the weirdo digging in chairs! Better yet- I think I should make Kamri go back in with me and get it, and then apologize to the workers if anyone sat on something hard and got pokes with a wooden spoon! Ha! That'll be a punishment there!

Anyway, I thought that was worth remembering!

And this "dollar gum"! Kylie decided this would be a better use for her offering during church! Ummm- "Lucy, you got some splainin' to do" hahaha!

And that Kylie tried sleeping without her pull-up last night, and as soon as she woke up said, "I didn't tee tee in the bed!" Yeah!

And that's a wrap!

This week were up for a couple more days of tennis then Kamri and I get to go to church camp!!! I'll pick up the bloggity blog next week when we get back.

Have a good one!

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